Installed Clocks

     Our Art Installers/Picture Hangers have a lot of experience installing many different types of clocks.  Clock placement is very important to insure that the time can be seen from as many areas in your home as possible.  When installing your clocks it is necessary that your pendulum clocks are always perfectly level to insure proper operation for accurate time, so don’t let just anyone hang them.  Only allow our experienced Art Installers/Picture Hangers hang your clocks so you know they will always operate perfectly.  It is just another part of our superior service.

Our Work of Installed Clocks

Installed Clocks Gallery

Below are a few examples of the clocks our Art Installers/Picture Hangers have installed over the years.  We are experienced at hanging many different types of clocks in many different situations to most suit the needs of our clients.  Its all about our dedication to giving are customers the best art installation experience possible.


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