Installed Mirrors

     When it comes to installing mirrors, our Art Installers/Picture Hangers are the best in town. With more experience installing mirrors than any other Art Installation/Picture Hanging Service in Houston. We can install delicate antique venetian mirrors that no other installers will touch, large heavy mirrors, or custom mirrors that take an installer who knows exactly what to do. Don’t let just anyone claiming to be expert Art Installers/Picture Hangers hang your mirrors. Use only the best Art Installers/Picture Hangers in Houston so you know your mirrors will be safe for years to come.

Our Work Of Installed Mirrors

Installed Mirrors Gallery

Below are a few examples of the variety of mirrors our Art Installers/Picture Hangers have installed over the years.  As you can see we have experience installing many different types of mirrors for our clients.  We have installed mirrors in every type of wall and our Art Installers/Picture Hangers will be able to safely install your mirror quickly and easily. 


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