Installed Standoff Art

     Another common type of art installation used in public settings are standoff art installations.  Our Art Installers/Picture Hangers have plenty of experience installing this type of art.  Our Art Installers/Picture Hangers can accurately install standoff art which is very important because any extra holes will be visible with this type of art installation.  Being in a Public Space many people will see this art installation on a daily basis, so make sure you use an experienced Art Installer/Picture Hanger when installing this type of art installation in your Public Space.  When installed correctly this type of art installation will give your Public Space an artist feel that can’t be achieved using any other type of art.

Our Work of Installed Standoff Art

Installed Standoff Art Gallery

Below are a few examples of standoff art our Art Installers/Picture Hangers have installed over many years.  Our Art Installers/Picture Hangers are the most experienced at this type of art installation in the Houston area. With examples of our work spanning the city you will see why we are Houston’s #1 Art Installers/Picture Hanging Service.


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